I'm Elena

....but you can call me Elle. Welcome to my creative corner where I infuse my love of photography and art. I'm a Personal Brand/Beauty, and Lifestyle Photographer based in Baltimore, Maryland. I specialize in creating Bold Customized + Unique lifestyle & Commercial imagery for female entrepreneurs, beauty brands and content creatives. I know how visual branding works and how to help you fully understand it work for your creative business.

 I'm a dreamer, believer, mother and lover of life. My favorite colors are blush, nude, black, and a bold red (I'm a neutral tomboy chic girl at heart). And I'm in love with; Peonies, Roses, Ranunculus flowers and graphic sweatshirts/ T-shirts. I live for a great cup of Coffee (Lavender Lattes are my fav!) and fall days.

Photography is expression. 

I aspire to......

Inspire and motivate women to be bold, courageous, and live passionately while creating their own lanes. My passion is to help women entrepreneurs stand out by marketing themselves with beautiful imagery in a unique way that showcases their brand voice & personality… as well as excel in all aspects of their lives

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