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Branded Boss Social

A Space for Female Boss Creatives & Entrepreneurs Bossing Up Their Social Content and Creating a Cohesive Brand Story

You’re an entrepreneur or small brand struggling to create unique, attention grabbing, and engaging content that speaks the language of your idea client. It’s a drain and your tiered of racking your brain. You have a great service/product/or blog, but your not sure how to share your branded messaging. Or, you don’t have messaging.

  • Are you creating content but seeing little to no engagement?

  • You want to grow organically?

  • You want to share your Brand Story on Instagram but feel like you lack the confidence?

Well I’ve been where you are and I can show you how I did it.

Fact- Engagement over Numbers

Branded Boss Social exist to help female entrepreneurs and creatives elevate; take control of their branding and social media marketing/presence. Hone in on their unique messaging, and provide resources and services that actually will help propel their brand.

Also included;

Inspiration for the Hustle + Motivation to Keep you Productive + Tools to Level Up your Branding + Support because your Worth It

Baltimore Brand Photographer

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Photography Mentor Session

1.1 Brand Strategy Sessions

Let’s Chat! No question is off limits. This sessions is perfect for any creative looking to lock down a content strategy, learn the tools that will help elevate their social media and expand their brand presence.

We’ll work together to uncover exactly what sets your brand apart by getting clear on your Brand Vision, your content pillars, and getting clear on your social media marketing. 

60 minute strategy session Phone or Zoom to discuss your;

- brand’s purpose
- brand/business goals
- advantages
- ideal audience 

Brand Discovery Guide/ Strategy tools

Content Creation Plan
15 minute post discovery checkin call 2 weeks after



Shoot With Me Session - Content Creators

One-on-one photoshoot session with me. Learn lifestyle portraiture, branding, flatlay/content shooting and styling, and video shooting and editing. 
-Social Media Edit to help you crack the code on your visual branding

We’ll tailor your private session to your individual business/brand needs. We'll even have lunch & you'll leave with bossed up headshots of yourself as my gift to you!


starts at $365


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