Happy Friday! Back to Work and Updates! | Baltimore Portrait Photographer

Happy Friday loves! I'm finally back from a few weeks off. I hope this summer is treating you great! I am enjoying my new found love for organizing and decluttering my home. Today I have an announcement that I have been dying to share. I'm switching gears and following my love for more creative portrait work (yes it's okay to do what inspires you and makes you happy). That means I'll be moving away from weddings. Not giving them up, just focusing on my passion to motivate and inspire women to live boldly and love themselves for who they are in their unique life journeys.

Belle P - A Breast Cancer Survivor, an inspiration to all women, and heart of gold.

Belle P - A Breast Cancer Survivor, an inspiration to all women, and heart of gold.

Throughout my life I have struggled with seeing my beauty. I know... sounds a bit silly. For all the motivation; inspiration, and short pep talks I share here on the blog and on my social media pages, you would think I had all the confidence in the world. Nope! That's a big fat lie... But hey I'm learning to walk in my truth. I've experienced many things in life that I have allowed to shake my confidence. Everything from failed relationships, loneliness, chasing the wrong goals, disappointment, feelings of failure as a mom, those 10 pounds I gained (that's another story), and years of thinking I was not measuring up to what society tells women who they should be at 30 (I know...I am guilty and I should know better ha ha..). After falling flat on my face and learning how to make it again. I'm learning to love me..... all of me. Starting over is not easy, but all it takes is starting. 

I have been working hard over the past few years to reach milestones and set new goals in my life and business ventures. Over the past few months I have had the chance to evaluate where I'm going, my dreams and my passions. As a wedding photographer I've be blessed to capture sweet stories of love. It's been amazing.

As I switch gears in my photography services. I am introducing Blush by Belle Imagery Portraits. A whole new look and feel to my women's intimate and lifestyle portraiture. I want to inspire all women to feel confident in their skin. My blush session are about feeling confident in who you are. The bonus is you get some supper hot images of yourself. That's right ladies.... new print products are here and I know you are going to love them. Grab you free Blush Belle Planning Guide here.

Let me show you how truly beautiful and how fabulous you are. My promise to all women is service; empowerment, and inspiration to embrace your vulnerabilities; inhale confidence, and exhale doubt. 

Learn more about my new Blush Session here.  Don't forget to grab you free Blush Belle Planning Guide. Interested in shooting with me and reconnecting with yourself let's chat. Or contact me at elena@belleimageryportraits.com