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Every bride wants gorgeous wedding photos and they want their photographer to capture the wedding day just as she envisioned. It’s my job as a wedding photographer to learn the full scope of the wedding day event’s. Learning what the bride and groom want and don’t want, paying close attention to the intricate details of their planning, helps me to highlight the day in an authentic fashion. I’m not only there to shoot the important moment’s. It’s up to me to capture those intimate moments shared between the bride and groom; a kiss on the forehead from the father of the bride, the bride, mother of the bride, and grandmother in a close embrace and those epic reception shots including everything from grand toasts to guest emotions. These are some of the best images to have in your wedding album. They tell the story of the day you planned for 365 days, and will be the legacy that you leave to you children.   

Here are my 8 tips that brides and grooms can employ to get the most out of their wedding photography, and get those amazing photo’s to print and hang in your home.

Entertainment- Your wedding is a huge investment and I’m sure you want to enjoy it. You also want your guest to have a great experience. This is the making of great images. I can’t tell you how many wedding I’ve photographed or attended where 60% of the guest are not dancing. Whether a DJ or live band, you’ll want to have great music to get people up and getting down on the dance floor. J Photos of your guest dancing at your reception are the ones you will treasure. Once you see them you will be assured that everyone had a great time.

Tip: When sending out wedding invitations, ask each guest to list 1-2 songs they like. This ensures that the music selection is well rounded.

Element of Surprise- I love when brides and grooms plan a surprise for their guest, or for each other. This creates amazing guest reactions that I love to capture for the couple and enhance their wedding album.

Tip: plan an extravagant reception entrance like a coordinated bridal party dance. For a more traditional but yet fun surprise, end the night off with fireworks, or sparkler send off.

Rock a veil- Veils are fun props to incorporate in bridal shot’s and editorial couple portraits. They are great for giving an image a little extra something.

Trick: Your veil can also be used to enhance those detail shots of rings, shoes, and invitations.

Don’t hesitate to share your dislikes and concerns with the photographer- This will ensure that he or she is well aware of specific aspects to avoid when shooting the day’s events like family dynamics and posing.

Tip: If you favor one side of your face more then the other, make sure to fully explain this to your photographer. You don’t want to get your images back and not be in love with them. This is way engagement sessions exist for this very reason. Also, make sure to make your photographer aware of what family members may not do well together. We want to avoid any awkwardness as mush as possible.

Educate your Bridal Party - A happy bride is a stress free bride. Weddings are high packed and energy filled events. The bride has been planning this day for a very long time. Understanding that something’s will not always go according to plan. Selecting bridal party member’s that you can trust to help throughout the day and execute without caution is key. The bride and grooms job on the wedding day is to have fun and enjoy their wedding. Not worry about who’s messing from bridal portraits.

Tip: Explain what you expect from your bridal party throughout the wedding planning and wedding day. Check in with your maid/matron of honor and best man. Make sure that everything is being delegated. These cuts back on the stress and keeps the bride and groom happy.

Wedding Coordinator- Yes! You need one. Most of my couples book with me a year to 8 months before their wedding. A handful of those couples don’t have a wedding coordinator. This can sometimes add more stress onto the bride. I always suggest working with a coordinator even if it is day of service. Having someone who is objective to the situation, and yet still knows what you want in the end is well worth the investment. Your wedding coordinator will make sure that every detail is covered, and this takes a lot of the responsibility out of your hands.

Tip: When looking for a wedding coordinator or planner, make sure they match with your personality and vision for your wedding. You want them to be able to hear what you want and deliver a top notch service coupled with an experience.

First Look- Okay! Most couples go with a more traditional wedding and don’t want to include a first look. I tend to suggest this option because it serves two purposes regarding to time. First looks give the couple an opportunity to enjoy a bit of down time together prior to the wedding day events (this is usually the only time brides and grooms get to themselves the whole day). You’ll also get great photos of just the two of you that make for perfect wedding portraits. (They are also some of my favorite’s)

Tip: If your planning on enjoying cocktail hour with your guest or having extra time with family portraits, think abut having a first look.

Details- You are unique and your wedding should reflect that. Match your wedding décor to that of your personality. If you are a fun and colorful couple. Make sure to have pops of color and unique details throughout your wedding. I’ll make sure to capture all the pretty for you to remember.

Tip: Don’t skip on the details.

Remember to stay in the moment- This is the first memorable and important day of your lives together. Know that everything is not going to be perfect, but remembering the bigger picture is key. The day is about your love and devotion to one another and mostly having fun with your family and friends. It’s a joyous occasion and everyone is there to celebrate you both.

Tip: When your feeling overwhelmed it’s okay to take a deep breath and relax. Every so often I’ll suggest to my couples after family portraits to relax together for a few moments before the reception alone.

I hope these tips help you as you plan your fabulous wedding. Here’s to love, laughter, and memories.   

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