7 Must Have's to Bring to Your Getting Ready Location | Baltimore Wedding Photographer
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The details of the wedding day are very important no matter the size, or budget of your wedding! It's the details that add up to telling your complete wedding love story. In my last post I spoke about the 5 tips for getting ready on your wedding day. Today I'm expanding on that and sharing my list of items every bride should bring or have in your getting ready room. 

Here are 7 things I always suggest having in your getting ready room.

1. Custom Hanger 

Ditch the plastic.... A custom or wood hanger makes for a beautiful photo and compliments your wedding dress. 

2. Wedding Dress

Don't forget the dress. Brides... you'll want to be responsible for your dress. Don't leave it up to your bridesmaids or mom to transport your dress. This is key just in case something happens in route to your getting ready location. Hang your wedding dress away from the main getting ready area to avoid possible mishaps or spills. Take the dress out of theplastic and let it breath. 

3. Bridal Accessories

A bride’s outfit is complete with The accessories. Make sure to gather your wedding details the nigh before. Your photographer will photograph these items at the start of the day. 

4. Wedding Invitations

Have the complete set of your wedding invitations, includes the: wedding invitation, envelopes, save-the-dates, and RSVP’s.

5. Bouquet

Like many brides, you will want you bridal party bouquets to be with you. They are great for taking the ring shots with.

6. Perfume

Bring your favorite perfume. Ideally bring a full bottle. 

7. Bridal Robe

Bring a chic robe that you would want to be photographed in for your make-up. Having your bridesmaids dress in similar robe's is an added special touch. 

I hope these were helpful. Happy wedding planning loves and stay inspired.