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The saying goes, perception is everything. Last week I was asked the following question. “How do I build my personal brand?” I did a happy dance as this is right up my alley. 

Okay! Let’s dive in. First if you have any kind of social media or online presence at all then you need a personal brand. I’m not talking logos, colors, graphics, or aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed. Don’t get me wrong, having a strong visual brand identity is extremely important when it comes to building and growing a successful brand but it’s just one piece of the puzzle.

It’s the impression or mark you leave. 


Think of your personal brand as a bright red lipstick that helps you stand out and feel your best. However, there are so many different brands, shades and finishes of this classic bold look. What makes you choose one over the other? Is it the quality, price, or lasting power? How did it make you feel? Would you brag about it to your friends? Would you take it everywhere you go? Would you buy it again?

This is a brand personality. What people experience, what they think, and what they share. As entrepreneurs and creatives your personal brand is the buzz that attracts or repels. 

A personal brand is built on simple marketing principles. “What is it that makes you different?” How are you going to position yourself in an oversaturated market full of people doing what it is that you do? It’s not enough to show off your product and service. You have to highlight your ability to solve the pain points of your audience. 

Let’s go deeper. As a brand photographer I am multifaceted in what I do. I am not the photographer that shows up to capture yet again another boring headshot, a few poses and then send you on your way. “Bye see you later, good luck!” Nope that is totally not me. 

My goal is to help creatives, entrepreneurs and brands niche down, discover their “why”, who their audience is, and market themselves seamlessly….. All while creating visual content that matches their messaging. 

Here’s what I know for sure. When it comes to your personal brand you have to be on point and put together. We want to position ourselves as the experts right? 

How to build a strong reputation for your brand

  1. Get Clear On What You Do!

Have you ever gone to a networking event and one of the popular questions is “So tell me, what do you do?” Like a deer in headlights you find yourself caught off guard. Then you respond with your job title (artist, chief, “I make this, I do this.”) Now stop! Does that tell anyone what it is that you do? Not to worry. It’s natural to respond this way. 

You want to express what you do in a way that gives insight to the benefits and takeaways a potential client will obtain from working with, or buying your product. 

Exercise: List out 2-3 takeaways/benefits of your brand service/product.   

2. Understand and Believe That What You Offer Is Valuable

If you don’t believe in what your pitching who will? Get confident in highlighting and expressing what you bring to the table, financial value, and business structures. How will you serve your client’s/audience? In order to understand your value, you need to know what problems your ideal clients face and how you can help them. Also, what is the downside to not choosing to work with you?   

Exercise: List out those reasons now.

3. Create That Solid Brand Identity That Attracts The Right People

As I mentioned earlier a strong visual brand is an important part of creating a personal brand. Your brand identity is essential the first impression that your audience will have with you. Ensure that all points lead to attracting  your ideal clients, whilst showcasing you as the person behind the brand. 

Exercise: List out who you want to attract. This is where you will create an aesthetic to match your client profile. Who is he or she? Not clear on who your ideal client is. Check out this blog.

4. Develop A Clear Marketing Strategy

How do you plan to market to people? What is your call to action? Where will you show up? How are you putting yourself out there? (Oh that’s the question of the day). PEOPLE buy and invest in PEOPLE. Show off who you are, create valuable content that will resonate, and be consistent in your messaging.   

Exercise: List out 2-3 ways you can uniquely market/not sell to your audience.

5. Own Your Authentic Self!

It’s not enough to just show up. You have to make it a priority to be  authentic and own it. There is really no way of getting around this one. Sorry! Get confident in who you are boo! Remember no one is you and that’s your superpower. Your unique spin will take you further then pretending to be someone you’re not. 

Exercise: List out 3-5 things that make you and your brand unique. 

Now that you have your 5 lists. The final step is to compile and shape it into your new response to the question “WHO YOU ARE?, WHAT YOU DO?, THE BENEFITS OF YOUR BRAND AND LASTLY, THE TAKEAWAY. 

That’s it for this week branded boss. I hope this was help and as always feel free to hit the reply and let me know your thoughts.

You got this! 


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