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As creative entrepreneurs and content creators it’s easy to get in a rut, become off track with our goals, and our “brand WHY”. I know it happens to me sometimes, and it all comes back to the element of storytelling. We have these great services and products, but we get caught up in the selling aspect- “buy my service/product.”

Last week’s tip was centered around sharing the 3 “W’s” (Who are you? What you do? Why you do it?) of the storytelling aspect to attract, inform, and educate. Effective marketing involves both and this is called (the 80/20 rule). This week we focus on how to weave both concepts together to maximize your social media engagement.

What really is the 80/20 rule when it comes to marketing your brand or business? It’s actually simple once you wrap your head around the idea of creating conversations. Remember people buy and invest from people. In order to do so, they must know who you are. So are showing yourself? Are you sparking conversations?

When I first started my business I knew an effective way to get clients was networking. However, the idea of talking to people I did not know about my business as a newbie was mind crippling. Quick fact- I am a people person but public speaking, or anything involving meeting new people was not always my jam. I had a bit of social anxiety. It took time to become the social bunny I am today.

With a few networking events under my belt I began to see how other people engaged. Not only where they smiling, laughing, and enjoying each others company. They were immersed in real conversations. That’s the key!

Here’s this weeks tip.

Create a Solid Content Plan

Washington DC  brand photographer
  • Once you get clear on your brand mission/”Why” it’s time to create a system for sharing it with your audience.

    • First start with your top 3-5 things that your audience must know about you as an entrepreneur. Why you started your business? What you enjoy about the work you do? etc. This gives you the opportunity to show what’s important to your brand. Pick specific days that your going to share these details.

    • Share your top 3-5 reasons for what got you started.

    • Share about your client experience, process, and takeaways.  

    • Then weave in your selling

Washington DC  brand photographer

Check out my recent blog for my detailed tips on creating a social media strategy to build real conversations and start showing up.  

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I hope through this series you have been able to take away the key elements of marketing vs. selling your brand. Storytelling is a powerful tool in making a solid connection with your ideal clients and audience. The number one reason I have experienced growth in my own business. Being able to express my “why”, my purpose, and educate others on the values and takeaways of personal branding/marketing, has allowed me to help female entrepreneurs and creatives reach their business goals. It has truly been a pleasure sharing with you.

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