As entrepreneurs and creative businesses we are constantly marketing and try to get our service or products in front of fresh and new eyes.

Brand Storytelling- Washington DC Brand Photographer

I decided to take June and focus on a marketing strategy that has definitely helped me grow. Let’s talk about storytelling and how effective it is in grabbing attention and most importantly communicating your brand mission. It’s the tool that sets you apart from your peers and helps you attract your ideal audience and clients. Storytelling also helps you guide and educate your clients in your process.

“Storytelling is powerful in aligning your brand with the right people”

Here are 3 reasons you can benefit from sharing stories to make lasting connections, market your business and convert sales.

  1. Creates a clear vision of your brand -The Background

Your number one mission as a business owner is to create products and services that people will love and want to purchase. Just talking about your service is not enough. Why should people invest in your business and purchase from you over the competition? Here is where you start. Create a clear picture that allows you to map out the Who? (who you/your business is), What? (what it is that you do/offer), and Why? (why you do it).

Every-time someone new meets your brand for the first time they don’t have clue of what you do. Sure they know that you're a painter, photographer, chief, coach, writer, and so on. However, what do you bring to the table? What is your unique touch point? What makes you different?

This is the first interaction/connection of showcasing your business.

TIP: Think of a few businesses that use stories to connect with their audience. List out three ways they use storytelling and the take away you had. How can you use what you learned?

2. Helps you go deeper and share your purpose - The Value

 It can be overwhelming talking about your business if you are unclear on the purpose. You want to make a connection with potential customers/clients, and your thinking how? You're spinning your wheels with getting more of the right people to work with you. Start with sharing the unique values.

What experiences and information do you want to make aware to potential clients. Do they know these values? Are you clear on the value?

This is necessary to clarify the purpose of your what your selling.

TIP: Create Content Pillars (4-5 topics) that you can use to help you share. For example, I love sharing motivation and inspiring my clients in their journey. I utilize Monday’s as Motivation posts in my social media. This is the time where I use my journey; successes and roadblocks as an entrepreneur to share my purpose and how I help others like myself.

3. Allows you to answer pressing questions and address any concerns from a consumer point of view - The Unforgettable Takeaway

Being clear on the takeaway of your business brings your marketing full circle. People want to know what they are getting out of working with you, or buying from you. You have to spell it out and fully equip people with the knowledge and the end point. Share the benefits that potential client’s can identify with. This will allow others to envision your product/service in their life.

TIP: Frame and share your stories in a way that educate people of what they will get out of working with you. Be descriptive by answering those Who? What? Why? How? Questions. Create and share things that speak directly to the problems of your potential client base.  

If you have yet to start developing your strategy for seamless marketing of your brand. These are the essential tips to get you started. Want to dive deeper or get one on one help with building your unique storytelling strategy with tips, and tools that are catered to your brand? I’d love to work with you. My brand discovery service is perfect for the entrepreneur/creative looking to create a cohesive marketing plan for social media that will make that connection and up your sales conversion.

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