Washington DC personal brand photographer

When you think of brand photos, what comes to mind? Most people honestly think of headshots first.

Think you don’t need one, or maybe wondering why you need to update? Well actually this is one of the images that you need the most. Whether you are a brand or business, you absolutely need a headshot. Think of it like this. Have you ever been invited to speak, asked to be featured in a blog, or article? Well these are the times when a headshot comes in handy.

Headshots are recognized as portrait style images featured as a profile picture, taken for an about me sections, social media updates, LinkedIn profiles, and are the focus of a person’s personality.

Headshots are your introduction of you and your brand. One of the first impressions made when your potential clients and audience make that initial connection with your brand. It’s your virtual handshake (two points if you heard that before),  and shows you as professional.

Washington DC personal brand photographer

Whether your brand is lifestyle, business, or service based. A headshot is essential to your brand.

I’ve said this before and I will say it again. Perception is everything. People base whether they want to work with you and your brand based on their first interaction with you. Selfie shots just don’t kick it anymore.

One of the main reasons I hear when I ask my boss clients what their biggest challenge is. The response is mostly I need to connect with my audience and show them the person they are working with.

Instead of using a selfie-stick to take your next LinkedIn, website, blog feature photo, consider a professional headshot instead.

Washington DC personal brand photographer
Washington DC personal brand photographer


1. You’ll Look the Part

If you want to be viewed and seen as the professional BOSS you are, you must look like a professional. Period!

2. You Will Take Yourself Seriously

Getting professional photos taken will help you take yourself and your brand seriously, feel confident, and fully present you and your brand to your potential clients.

3. You’ll Stand Out

Landing a job, partnership, or deal with good brand imagery is important. Potential clients, and your ideal audience will take a closer look if you’re sharing photos visually pleasing and showcases you as the expert.  

4. You’ll Stay Top of Mind

By having a memorable professional photo on your social media accounts, you allow people to put a face to the brand, meaning you are more likely to stay top-of-mind to those you want to work with, and those who are considering working with you.

5. This Is Your Shot to get creative

In a digital world, a good headshot is your best chance to make an instant first impression, and gives your audience a deeper look into your business/brand. Who said it had to be boring and old fashion. Take a second to think of how you want to come across to your audience. List out these feeling and personality words and use them to guide you.

Remember your brand needs to be human and approachable. People invest and buy from people, and seek to make connections. Which is why you can’t hide behind your words alone. Stand out and present who you and your brand are in a unique way.

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