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Happy Monday Socials!

It’s March and that means Spring is right around the corner. Warmer day’s, are coming. So let’s get into todays post. Manifesting what we want in life.

Sometimes we get stuck in life. We don’t know where we are going, what our purpose is, or how to get that one thing that we've been dreaming about, to happen in our lives. Sound familiar. I too have been there. I thought about what I wanted to share with you guys all weekend, and as I sat down to write my weekly note. Nothing! When I tell you I had the biggest writers block. I simply backed away and got quiet. Then the idea of sharing about manifesting popped into my head, and I knew that it would be perfect.

Maybe you have heard of manifesting, or maybe not. Well welcome to the party! Maybe you have thought nope that does not work. Well I thought the same thing when I was introduced to it last year. Okay, so last summer I felt this blockage in my life. What was I doing? Where was I going? Why had this thing not happened for me? I know that you have asked one or two of those questions to yourself. I see you nodding your head.

As we move into the last month of the first quarter of the year. I want you to take some time and get clear with yourself. Check in with where you are. If you are feeling blocked and asking one or even all of these questions, then trying manifesting can help you unlock and unblock. No magic tricks here, it’s simple- working with the energy within the universe and ourselves.

So what is manifesting. Simply manifesting is envisioning the experience of what you want; being, living, and believing in that experience. Then allowing it to come into form. It’s playing an active role in what’s happening in your life. To often I have found myself blaming my outside experiences for what is going wrong or, not going right in my life. When the fact is that I am responsible for my journey. Sure there are things that are out of our control but how we react is all up to us.

So your thinking how can manifesting work for you and how do you start. Even if you have no intention to try it out (which I say give it a try)… here’s the secret. WE ARE ALWAYS MANIFESTING.----- And yet we in turn are always getting in the way. That’s the disconnect. We let our fears, anxieties and disbeliefs take over. The art of manifesting helps you to take these things into account and call the positive into your life, allowing that thing you want to happen to happen.  

Let’s break it down. You are always manifesting - you started manifesting as soon as you where born. The thing is to learn is how we recognize what we are doing and intentionally manifest what we want to happen for us.

Here are the four steps to manifesting that I learned from reading  “A Course In Miracles”, which I stumbled upon during a women's retreat last fall.

Get Clear

Simply, get clear on what you desire. Often it means seeing what you want in your life to change. Take me for example. I have been watching everyone around me getting engaged and getting married. That was my “Why not me?”

The first step for me was to get clear on my thinking this way. Think about what you are less satisfied with in your life and write it down. Once you know what it is that displeases you, you can make the steps to calling what you want forth. That may be a healthy relationship, more money, working with your ideal clients, your blog taking off, being healthy. Make sure to get good and clear here.

Now Get Clear on Your Limited Beliefs and Let them Go

These are those ugly thoughts that we all tell ourselves about our situations. “I can’t write this book- I’m not a writer.” “I can’t launch that business- I don’t know what I'm doing.” “I can’t have a great relationship- I don’t deserve better.” Yep that one was for me.

Once we acknowledge these limiting beliefs, feel them, and understand that they are not true. We can release and let them go. We can redirect our thoughts. The fact is that our mindsets are the room where our thoughts live. In order to change your outside, you have to align your inside. Redirect those negative thoughts into more of what you desire. e.g “I can’t get the right clients to book me!” Turn that into “I am in the process of acquiring my ideal client” or, “ I am not a writer.” Turn that into “I am manifesting my dream book right now.” It may seem small but it’s the first start to changing your mindset and calling what you want into your life.

Check in with yourself and allow yourself the space to be ready to receive what your manifesting. Call abundance into your life.


Mmmmmm… that is a big one and it goes hand in hand with Getting Clear on Your Limited Beliefs.

Okay so seriously, I use to hear that word and get mad. All because my patience was thin. I was tired of waiting for things to jump off in life. However, this is the biggest step in your manifesting journey. PATIENCE. Say it with me! There is no such thing as getting what we want overnight. No matter what - you have to put in the work and have that faith and understanding that what is for you, will be for you in time. Now that’s not to say there won’t be trying times, but when you find yourself getting fed up. Go back and check in with that limited belief that you allowed to pop up in your mind, and redirect it.

You have to claim it and be certain in what you are calling into existence.

Lastly, make this a daily thing. From doing this I have come along way in my own journey. It’s a consistent shift in my thoughts, and a daily practice. One that I know you can do.

I leave you with a quote from “A Course In Miracles” that has become my daily affirmation. “Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait and wait without anxiety.” BOOM!

I am excited for what is coming your way my loves and I hope your ready to receive it all.

Here’s to a positive week everyone.