Master The Flat Lay For Instagram -Flat Lay Like a Boss
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Hey beautiful! guys know I love a good flat lay. Let's be real, don’t we all? I thought about creating another IG account just for flat lays. :-) Flat lays are a form of expression and storytelling. My images tend to showcase my love for beauty/fashion/ and make up.

I’ve been working on perfecting my flat lay styling for some time now. Finally, I'm able to share with you my tips so you can elevate your visual content for your Instagram, blog and newsletters. I've created a completely free guide to "Flat Laying Like a Boss" for creatives, bloggers, and influencers giving up all my tips that I've found really helpful when it comes to taking the perfect flat lay. You can grab your FREE GUIDE HERE

There really isn’t a set of rules for the perfect flat lay. It's what inspires you to create it. The story you are looking to tell, and the vision you have. As a content creative photographer. I work with influencers, bloggers, and brands to help them capture their brand and tell their unique story. These types of photos are perfect for showing off a product or service in an interactive way to grab the attention of our viewers. 

My three guidelines for creating a flat lay;

1. Know your style- Do your images speak about fashion/style, work/office space, food, beauty, fitness etc.  

2. Know your Instagram aesthetic you can read about that here.

3. Get inspired and start shooting.

Belle Imagery Portraits Product Photographer

What I've included in the guide are my tips for styling (everything you need), the gear I use, and the gear you need. I'll show you how to work with your smart phone as that is what I use 75% of the time), and how to edit your smart phone flat lay pictures like a boss. I've also included a hands on video showing you how I create the magic.

The Perfect Flat lay
Belle Imagery Portraits Product Photographer
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And that's it. You can finally take your feed to the next level. Make sure to grab you copy HERE!

Love Flat lay's but don't have the time to create your content. Let's work together. I would love to help you boss up. Let's CHAT and BOOK YOUR SHOOT.  

When you grab the guide and go through the process I want to see what you create! Take photos before, during, and after and show me on Instagram using the hashtag #elleflatlays Here's to creative fun.