My Favorite Books

Today I wanted to talk about my favorite books in honor of #NationalBookDay.  If you’re a creative, entrepreneur, photographer, or looking for a little book inspiration, then these books are for you! Reading has always been the best way to keep my mind active and stay inspired. In the past 4 months my list has grown to 16 + books and a few magazines. I'll have to thank all the podcasts I listen to, as every book suggestion has cause me to drive to my nearest Barnes and Noble.

Ever since I became a business owner and a full time photographer, I've been interested in inspiration books by like minded creatives. After stumbling across  Sophia Amoruso's book #GirlBoss I found myself extremely motivated, having the feeling that I could achieve success. Sophia's story of working mindless jobs; consistently being broke, committing petty theft, and dumpster diving... to becoming the CEO of a $100 million fashion forward retailer which she created, was a hit. Again, this book is motivating. Sophia wrote about her path to success. Her trials, failures and lesson's learned. The bottom line is that having success and being successful is not measured by who you are, the degrees you have, or that magical number of social media followers. It's about your passion, your drive, your ambition and gall to go after what you want.

Aimee Song's Capture Your Style was a blessing. Honestly, this was the best visual explanation/ how-to Instagram guide. Aimee brakes it all down and let's you in on her secrets of success to taking beautiful pictures and building your social media following. I have never felt more confident in taking selfies in public then after this book gave me the permission to do so. ;-)

Issa Rae, author of The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl and Luvvi Ajayi, author of "Im Judging You," are brilliant reads. Issa speaks about her life as an introverted awkward black women, and it's okay. I can truly resonate as I am one awkward fabulous soul. Luvvi book on the other hand is just as she states, a "do better manual". This book had me questioning so much about my life in a good way. She addresses social topics and cultural behavior within social media. 

Each of these books continue to inspire and further ignite my passion for following my dreams. I highly recommend each book as a must read. Don't wait grab your copy. You'll laugh, cry, and gain better understanding. Mostly you'll laugh........hard.

Let me know what you favorite books are. I'd love to add a few books to my growing list. 

Happy reading and stay inspired!