Sharing My Favorite Items to Relax - Photographer Client Gifts | Maryland Wedding Photographer

Planning a wedding is fun, exciting, emotional, and can be stressful at times. It's 365 days of planning the perfect day that you have been dreaming about since you were a little girl. Don't worry we all secretly think and envision or wedding day. More times than not the planning process tends to get very overwhelming at times. Part of my job as a wedding photographer is to make this one aspect as simple as possible, and be there for my brides. 

I love the idea of thank you gifts for my wedding clients. Once a bride books with me, I like to send a little something special to them. This simple and yet meaningful gift is not just a "thank you gift". It's a reminder for my brides to make sure to take time out for themselves and relax during this wedding planning time. 

Each gift is loaded with a few of my favorite R& R items, along with a special something made with love. I gift each bride a jar of my homemade lavender bath salt or sugar scrub. It's perfect for adding to a relaxing bath and pampering your skin. 

My favorite items that help me relax and unwind include; chocolate, a sweat snack, bath salt's, scrub's and bath bomb's. My favorite ones are from Lush Beauty. I've also started trying out the new bath bomb's from Bath & Body Works.  I also like to add in a few facial items + a lip balm as they help restore my skin. Finally, I like to add a candle as I am obsessed with them. Each gift is customize to fit the personality of each of my brides.

I truly enjoy making and gifting these. I know that every client gift I send out makes my brides day.