Happy Monday loves! So, I decided to start a motivational Monday’s series here on the blog. Outside of photography, my passion in life is to inspire others to live courageous and bold lives. So why not share my knowledge and motivate and inspire you in your own journey.

Most mornings I like to wake up a little earlier than usual and center my thoughts with a cup of coffee before the the pitter patter of little feet and mommy moments begin for the day. (This is a great time to think and listen to what the universe is saying to you.) Over the last few weeks my thoughts have been centered around my purpose, creative passion, success, and growth. One of my goals for this year is to speak positivity into my journey and inspire others to do the same.

In life we all have moments where we question our purpose and success right. Am I alone in this? I have been thinking about what success means to me. Is it having a big house, a booming business, fame and fortune? Or, is it knowing that you are making a difference, inspiring others, or creating memorable moments in the lives of others.

For me, I have learned that my success is being at peace with my life, my journey and being fulfilled with achieving my goals big and small. I have to be real with you in order to be real with myself. It has been a struggle, don’t get me wrong. I have had to re-work my thought process, self talk, and cut out comparing myself to others. Yes! I said it. I have been comparing myself and my work to that of the other fabulous photographers. It happens to the best of us. I often asked myself, “if I was good enough?” “Could I match up to that of my fellow artist friends?” “Why can’t my images look like that?” “Will my business make it?” It is truly an unsettling feeling that will keep you at night. However, in order for me to grow in my purpose and continue to create for creation sake. I have to stop it. JUST STOP! Say it with me “STOP IT.”

Here are a few ways I believe will help you stay motivated in your journey.

1.     Stay focused on your purpose

  • It may seem simple but it’s not. While you are walking in your purpose you can get distracted with the success of those you admire. Remember what you are doing is important and meaningful. Rome was not built in a day. Spend five minutes creating a list of the positive things that you are doing each day. Set a timer and just write it out. A great book that I recommend to help you with this is “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert. She writes about the process of acceptance of who you are as a creative, and gives you permission to pursue what inspires you.

2.     Set meaningful and achievable short and long term goals for your business

  • Take a look at what it is that you want to do in your business. This could be booking more clients, improving your online presence, or honing your craft for a more consistent brand. This is your yearly goal. Then set 1-3 short term sub goals that will help you achieve your big goal. And, remember to keep it realistic.

3.     Build relationships with like minded people

  • Surround yourself with positive people that will inspire you, push you, and walk with you in your journey.

Remember that we all have a journey that is uniquely ours and ours alone. Recognize that you are doing important things in this big world, and what you are doing matters. So set aside that negative talk, reach for the stars, and stay perfectly you. And what ever you do…… do it with passion, love, faith and abundance.

Stay inspired loves!