7 Things To Do If Your Single on Valentine's Day - Valentine's Day Inspired Styled Shoot

This past weekend I got to photography my amazing and supper talented friend Chloe. She was the inspiration for this post and we had the best Saturday day date in DC playing with candy and confetti. I just love her. 

I bet you did not know this but I use to hate Valentine's Day.  I don't like to use that word, but I really had a chip on my shoulder (you know how it is). I have never had one of those perfect Valentine's dates that you see on tv. I'd wondered why I always found myself single (like why me)? However, over the years I've realized the true meaning of the day. It's not about the flowers, the cards or the chocolate (mmmmmm... chocolate). It's about LOVE! Love between people in relationships. Love between a mother and her children. Love between friends. Love between lovers. And most of all showing love to others, and loving ourselves just as we are.

Being single on Valentine’s Day isn’t as gloomy as you think. Okay! Maybe you don’t want to spend the day seeing all the couples, the anonymous flower arrangements pass you by at work, or even better watching the “Every Kiss Begins with Kay” commercials (yeah, those get me every time). However, Valentine’s Day is a day of sharing love with others. So whether your flying solo or not able to be with your boo. You can still have a blast.

Here are 7 things to do on Valentine’s Day if your single.

1. Have a Spa Day- Who does not love a day of pampering? Treat yourself to a manicure, pedicure, massage and facial. You’ll feel super special and relaxed.

2. Buy Yourself Fresh Flowers- I love flowers especially pink peonies. There is something about a fresh bouquet of flowers that just brightens up the day.

3. Buy Yourself a New Dress- You’ve pampered your mind and body, now it’s time to slip into something pretty and new. You deserve it.  

4. Have a Galentine’s Day with friends- Invite a few or a lot of your friends to a potluck dinner at your home. Pair it with music, games, a movie and your set to have a great night. Special tip: create a Galentine’s Day special drink and dessert. Here are 40 Valentine’s Day Desserts that will Melt your heart.

5. Hang with Friends- Invite friends to dinner and a movie. Bowling is a great group activity.  

6. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Meaning- Bring more meaning to the day by volunteering. Consider donating your time; talent skills and money to a community program, or a non profit of your choice. Make sure to get others involved.

7. Have a "Just because Shoot"-  BECAUSE YOUR WORTH IT!

Have FUN! Just because you may be single. Remember your fabulous, your gorgeous, and your special.

Don’t you ever forget it.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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