An Ambitious Voice
Baltimore Beauty Photographer

In 2014 I said goodbye to an amazing job with AmeriCorps, and begin my journey on the path of discovering what I wanted to do with my life. I was 29, a single parent and facing a moment of unemployment. Yep, that's right I finshed one job without another in place. It's not what you think. My AmeriCorps term had ended and I wasn't having the best luck finding a new job. Interview after interview and nothing. My feelings were hurt. Back then I wasn't quite in the space of knowing that the "no's" weren't not personal (sure felt that way), but they were "not right now's." 

Flash forward a few months and I was completely angry with life. Like I said I was hurt, 29 and no way to take care of things. Living at home helped, but I had envisioned something more for my life. Growing up I use to say by the time I was 30, I would be married with 2.5 kids an amazing job, comfortability, and happiness. However, I had to realize that I had made different decisions earlier in my life that lead me away from what I thought I wanted. Although all my choices were not great, my experiences made me who I am, built my strengths, and gave me the desire and determination to go after what I wanted.... I aspired to be the thing I loved the most, a VISUAL CREATIVE,  a photographer ;-)

Im the midst of a emotional brake down I had an epiphany. Like really, it had all become so clear as I stared in the mirror, (I tend to have self talks looking at myself). Anyway.... there was this voice inside my head that stopped me and said "just go for it". Without thinking I hopped on Youtube (best visual search engine ever), and began to research "how to start your own business". Definitely spent the whole day taking notes, and thinking. For a few weeks I kept my thoughts to myself and then I sat down with my mom to spill everything. Now my mom is a planner and she likes to think things through, weighing the pros and cons. In most aspects I am too. However, when I get an idea that feels right, I run with it. That is exactly what I did. 

Baltimore Photographer

My ambition was leading me. Was this going to be easy? NO! Would it be worth it? YES! I ran out to Best Buy and purchased my first camera, a Nikon D3200, which I still use 85% of the time till this day. She's my work horse. I had a little over $800 to my name and that day I took the biggest, most unplanned risk of my life. I had taken the first step to starting my very own business. 

It's been a journey and I'm nowhere near where I wanted to be. Have I failed? Umm.. yea! Have I cried? Definitely, like a lot. Have I pushed myself? For sure. But it's my faith, belief, and ambition that keeps me going. My desire to achieve is strong. My dreams scare me and my fears feed me. My passion moves me everyday. I'm one step closer. 

Where you are in your life does not define who you are. Your journey is just that a journey. Never ending, leading your on many paths. Don't get discouraged. You are exactly where you are meant to be. 

My final thoughts to you. Keep smiling, stay inspired, give thanks, help others, stay ambitions.....and most of all BE BRAVE ENOUGH! 

xoxox.. Elena