From Miss to Mrs. A Beautiful Bridal Shower | D.C Wedding Photographer

This past Saturday I was able to spend the morning capturing one of my belle brides at her fabulous bridal shower. Adrienne is getting married in less then two weeks ya'll! It's about to go down and I'm so excited to capture all the love; laughter, and joy of the day. Not only is she a belle bride, but she is my friend. I just love her. So this is extra special.

A's Bridal Shower-1.jpg

The beautiful celebration was held at Provision 14 in D.C. If you don't know about it, check it out. The food is so yummy ;-). Family and close friends gathered over brunch to celebrate the soon to be Mrs. Hill. Everything was lovely. From the location, decorations, sweet treats, games, energy, and the surprise guest, Mr. Hill himself. Shout out to the beautiful bridesmaids! Ladies you did an amazing job! 

I say this all the time but it is such an honor to be apart of, and capture Adrienne and David's big day! Here are some of my favorites from the shower, and make sure to check out the video of the day.    

A's Bridal Shower-2.jpg
A's Bridal Shower-3.jpg
A's Bridal Shower-7.jpg
A's Bridal Shower-4.jpg
A's Bridal Shower-6.jpg
A's Bridal Shower-5.jpg
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