Instagram Aesthetic | Baltimore, Maryland Fashion & Brand Photographer

Aesthetic - adjective. Concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty. -Google

One question I always get asked is how did I get me IG aesthetic? Well it did not come easy. It took me a while to really figure out what I wanted my feed and my images to look like. When I first started my Instagram I pulled a lot of my inspiration form other photographers. Honestly, I could spend hours scrolling, and I do. ;-) 

I realized as I grew in my art my style continued to shift and grow. I love clean, strong, and chic images. Bold contrast and line structure that draws in my viewer.

Here are my tips to finding your unique aesthetic and style.

1. Find out what inspires you.- This will help direct you vision. A good tip is to look back through past posts and compare your images. Make a note of what you post a lot of, and how often you post them. As a fashion/lifestyle  and wedding photographer, Some of my favorite images to share are my styled flatlays and my brides details. I love for details as they tell a story within a story. 

2. Create a vision board. - I love to create pin boards for everything. When I work with a client for branding, this is the first step to learning their aesthetic and vision. Best tip is to pin whatever speaks to you. This could be a beautiful pair of shoes, fabric, quote, a bold color etc. Again, it's whatever draws you in.

3. Stay true to you. - It's easy to fall in love with the work of others but you want to get inspired and create your own voice.

4. Who are you trying to attract? - Create your ideal target audience. You will want to list everything from their age, hobbies, where they live, what they eat, where they shop, what they read, an so on. You want to be very descriptive here. Trust me this will help you capture the right people for your to your blog, service, or brand. As well as guide you in what your post.

5. Create cohesive content. - This includes your message and visuals. Your words tell your story and your images captivate you audience. Have you ever been scrolling on IG and come across a beautiful feed and after seeing the first few images, you just click follow? Yep! That's me lol. As a visual person images alway pull me in. This is why I love working with bloggers/influencers and brands to create strong visual content to help them visually convey their branding message. Want to work together on your next project or get visual content for your IG/social media? Let's chat. 

And that's it! Those are my tips. Take them and adapt to your plan. Your social media is important. It's like your second website/portfolio. When I'm looking for a service most of the time I lean to looking on IG and Pinterest. As I mentioned before, the way a feed looks more then not attracts me first. If you're promoting your service or blog on Instagram, you're missing out on a viable opportunity to wow your potential readers and clients by NOT having a cohesive aesthetic.

I hope these tips and trick help you create a bomb ass IG feed. ;-) I'd love to hear some of your tips you use. You can find me on Instagram @belleimageryportraits. Stay inspired loves.