Congratulations beautiful bride!!! After a year or two of dating your now on your way to planning your wedding day, and if your anything like me you have been obsessing over this day and the hundreds of details since you were little. (My attention was always focused on the details of a wedding. They are my favorite things to capture along with bridal portraits). This is such an exciting time for the both of you. Now it’s time to tell everyone you know, the world and get your wedding to-to list started. The Knot Wedding Checklist is a great place to start. They even have an app for on the go planning. A few months out and you’ve set a date, found the perfect venue, and hired a wedding planner. The next step is now to find the perfect wedding photographer to capture your magical day.

When I first started my photography business journey. I knew that my number one priority was to capture real moments and create lasting relationships with my brides and grooms. Getting to know just who my clients are is highly important. It gave me the opportunity to learn who they are, what they like, and how to capture their moments. There were several ways I accomplished this. One way in particular is through including an engagement session with all my wedding collections.

One of the questions I receive often is “do we need an engagement session?” And my response is always, “Yes.” Let’s look at the why?

1.     Getting To Know “Me” Your Photographer

An engagement session gives my couples the chance to spend time getting to know just who I am, further experience my shooting style, and most importantly learn how I work during a wedding day. Let’s face it, reading over all the details on the photographers site and meeting them in person is not always enough. On your wedding day you want to feel relaxed and enjoy the day knowing that your photographer will be capturing all your special moments with out question. Having an engagement session ensures just that. Since you will have spent an hour or so laughing, learning, and talking about you big event. This is a level of comfort that you truly don’t want to miss out on. One bonus is that I will get to see how you both interact and the poses that suit you and your fiancé best for authentic images.

2.     Getting Comfortable In Front Of My Lens

The number one thing I want to avoid when photographing a wedding is stiff and unauthentic images. I want you to be yourself. I want you to laugh, cry, and feel every emotion you possible can on you wedding day. These feelings and reactions create for great storytelling. And, every image tells a story. My purpose is to tell the story of your love. Don’t get me wrong, there will be plenty of times when I will move you both into a pose, but most of the time I will be off to the side capturing your tender embraces and soft gazes into each others eyes. By the end of your engagement session you and your fiancé will know just what to expect on you wedding day. When I first start a session I stand a few feet back to give my couples the opportunity to enjoy each other as I snap pictures. As the session continues, I move in to capture details and special intimate moments and reactions. That helps everyone get warmed up and comfortable.

3.     The Perfect Opportunity For a Make Up And Hair Trial

Through all the searching and interviewing of a MUA that will bring your look together for you wedding day. Your engagement session is the perfect time to see just how your make up will look in your photos (minus your fabulous dress). You’ll also get the opportunity to make suggestions about your look. A bonus is that you will gain more confidence and rock your look in your e-session.

Tip: Schedule your hair and make up session one to two hours before your engagement session.


4.     It’s Complimentary And A Time To Have Fun

As I previously mentioned, all my wedding collections include a two-hour engagement session. As I want to get to know you better and suggestion you don’t skip out on the experience. As your photographer, I will help you plan out your engagement session, looks, and suggest locations and activities that match your personality. I love unique and fun activity filled photo shoots. They make for some of the best photos. And you’ll want these for your save the dates, thank you cards, and even an engagement guest book.

Note: If you already had your engagement photos taken with another photographer that is not shooting your wedding. I suggest doing another session with your wedding photographer as it’s included in the package, and the price may not change if you decide not to use it. The good news is that in this case I usually will shoot a second engagement session, or do a bridal session.

I truly hope these tips were able to clear up any questions you may have had about your engagement session. Feel free to contact me with additional questions. I’m happy to help. Stay tuned as this engagement blog series continues. I not only want to assist in capturing you first moments as newlyweds, but capture you love story and ensure your wedding day be as memorable and magical as possible. Up next, tips on what to wear to your engagement session.