Simple, sweet and authentic are just three words to describe Cynthia and Bernard's wedding day. Planning your own wedding is never easy. The couple put love into every special detail of the day and it showed. Purple and silver with touches of sparkle illuminated both the reception and ceremony. Cynthia's hand maid silk rose bouquet was absolutely beautiful and very unique. As Cynthia's mom and maid of honor helped her step into her dress, it all became real. She was getting married.

The couple meet in 2014 during a casual chat online. After a few months of dating, Bernard knew that Cynthia was the one. It was very special to see their two teenage sons stand in witness of their union. 

It was a perfect day. The sun was shinning and the rain held off for great pictures out in the garden. Smooth jazz began playing setting off the start of the ceremony. I loved all the music that played throughout the day. As Cynthia's son escorted her down the aisle, the way Bernard light up inside made my heart melt. With the first kiss and the pronouncing of Mr. & Mrs. Pines, they danced the night away with family and friends.

Capturing their special moments and being witness to their love was an honor. Here are some of my favorite moments. 

Mr. & Mrs. Pines-35.jpg
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