The Details Tell a Story
Something old... Something new...something borrowed... Something blue. 

Something old... Something new...something borrowed... Something blue. 

In a little room stood my big sister all dressed in white. She looked like an angel as a dusting of light from the near by window illuminated her face. I watched my grandmother place her pears upon my sisters neck. It was her wedding day and she was beautiful. At that very moment I too wanted to look as beautiful as she did on my wedding day. 

As a little girl I dreamed about my own wedding and all the pretty little details. All I ever wanted was to wear my grandmother's pearls. She was a beautiful and loving soul. I remember playing dress up in her jewelry during hot summer's spent in California. Wearing her pearls made me feel extra special. 

She had the most unique and colorful pieces. This included her collection of butterfly earrings and pendants. Butterflies were her favorite, as well as mine. 

During an initial meet and greet with a bride. I listen to her planning details of her day. This gives me a good sense of what's important to a bride and the groom. As well as  encapsulate those details that speak to who the couple is.

Those special and intricate details of the day tell a story, their story. A story of the past and present coming together to form a future. It's my job to go above and beyond to curate a creative story of two people starting a life together. 

Although my grandmother won't physically be with me on my day. She will be remembered and her memory will live on in my heart, and through the special details that bring my story to life. The story of a strong; spirited, mother, grandmother, friend, and amazing woman, who encouraged me to life out my dreams. 

I can't wait to hear your story and capture all that is special to you.